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What Is Brave Browser

Brave is a free browser that blocks all ads and trackers. It is known for being safe, fast and friendly. Much of this fame is due to the browser blocking and tracking standard. That’s right, you don’t need to install ad-blocking plugin, the browser itself blocks all ads for you.


The Brave browser was developed by Brendan Eich, the same creator of the Javascript programming language and co-founder of the Mozilla Foundation. The Brave is a browser that puts privacy first, saving the speed and fluency of navigation and several interesting ideas.
The browser market is currently dominated by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but the Brave browser has news that can change the way people surf the Internet.

Brave Browser

The Idea Brave Rewards

Brave’s main idea is to block all traditional online advertising and tracking mechanisms. Instead, Brave browser makers have invented a new system called Brave Rewards that encourages less intrusive and user-friendly ads based on personal browsing history. The system allows users to view ads while browsing and earn 70% of ad revenue on Token BAT, Basic Attention Tokens. Users can choose how many ads they want to receive while surfing the Internet.

What Are Rewards

Among other things, BAT is a way to reward people for viewing ads and to encourage payments for content used on the Internet by sending contributions to the websites most used by users.
Both Brave and Chrome are built on top of the Chromium system. The difference between them is that the lack of third-party ads on Brave means we have to download less content before going to a web page.

Brave has desktop and mobile versions that can be downloaded directly from the browser website.
What is Brave Ads and how does it work
The Brave Ads program rewards users who choose to view ads in the Brave browser. In other words, the browser owner’s company pays people for some advertisements while browsing the Internet.

Brave Browser BAT

To view Brave ads, you must enable Brave Rewards. The system allows the user to view ads while browsing and earn 70% of the ad revenue on BAT Tokens, “Basic Attention Token”. Users earn the reward monthly and can choose how many ads they want to receive while surfing the Internet.
The Brave ads can be enabled in the latest version of the browser to render ads less intrusive in reporting format.

The Brave Browser is a browser focused on online privacy and security, blocking default and ad trackers. This ensures that the new feature does not collect or share personal information for advertisers. This is because information is only stored on devices used by users.
Because ads and crawlers are blocked in Brave, the loading speed of Brave pages is faster than other popular browsers. When used in smartphones, it also saves internet bandwidth and battery.
The second part is the Basic Attention Token (BAT). BAT is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum network and can be traded on various exchanges. Brave allows users to donate to content producers using BBT. Users can earn BBT by watching ads or adding money to their wallets.

How To Earn BAT-tokens

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a token aimed at online advertising and is used to reward content users and producers.
There are a few ways to earn the BAT token using the Brave browser, including: Free BAT Tokens Awards

View advertisements

Those who are creators of verified content may receive donations from users browsing the site
Encourage referrals to others with a referral link. (Your nominees must use the browser for at least 30 days)

Where to download Brave Browser

The Brave browser is available for Windows, Linux, Android and others and can be downloaded for free from the official Brave website. Click the Button below!

Visit Here


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