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About WESA

We Share Abundance (WESA) is a community, more an Online Nation, of like minded people who seek more than just material gains. A community built around a service to others for the good of all.
This is a Global community accepting members from any country. Here there is no difference and all are treated equally!

The economy is based on the value provided bu our members, to each other and those outside our community. This value is in US$ and distributed among the members Monthly in the form of WESA Tokens. WESA Tokens may be used in the community to Buy Products and Services offered.
They may also be Staked to increase Income Generated for Tasks.

Earn On We Share Abundance

There are Simple Tasks to perform which automatically credits you with a Cash Value. The rewards are the Initial Setting Up Your Account and Daily logging in Your Account to read messages from Other Members.

  • Automatic Income generated for yourself from the completion of Tasks as Simple Logging in to Your Account.
  • List Building leveraged through multiple levels
  • Downline building for Online Business opportunities
  • Free Advertising to fellow Members through an internal messing system
  • And more…

We have a Power of One Club that can boost your profit to as much as 95% per Monthly Stake and a Massive 114% per month for Annual Stakes!

How To Stake

There are 6 Pools we have and Each is Staked separately and Must be in Order. So, Pool 1 must always be Staked and Pool 2 must be staked next, Then 3, 4, 5 and finally Pool 6.

Staking all 6 Pools grants you Status as an Elite Member!
It is optional to Stake Pools but if you do not Stake any Pools your membership will be ended after 3 months.
There is NO Reason for any member not to Stake a Pool as you earn enough to Stake Pool 1 at the end of your first month by completing your setup, logging in each day and reading all your messages.

There Are 2 Options

The most popular is to Stake for 30 days and returns you a total of 150% (30 x 5%) which is made up of the return of your Stake plus a generous 50% profit.

The second option is an annual Stake where you pay 10 x the monthly Stake for 12 x 30 day periods. This increases your initial outlay but also your profits because your Stake is reduced by 16.67% but your returns remain the same.


There is NO Fee to Join! Sign Up with your best EmailAddress and have an Username and a Password ready to finish.

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