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How Does MillionN Work

Basically MillionN is a Social Network Platform for referrals, not more. So you get it, you refer to earn money!

In order to get started and earn money on MillionN you just need a valid email address and password.
After successful registration, grab your Referral link and share it with the world.
For every Free referral you will get $ 500.

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How To Earn Money On MillionN

With 10 Free Referrals You are eligible to withdraw up to $ 5,000 Per Month, if Your royalties are higher than $ 5,000 the excess balance will be rolled over into the next month.

How To Create An Account On MillionN

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Creating an account steps on MillionN Social Network is different from the usual’s, reason is that the official website doesn’t have a sign page, that is why you must get an invitation referral link in order to register. So click here to use mine.

1. Click on This Link to be redirected to MillionN sign-up page.

2. Input your Name, Email, Password, then click on Register.

3. That’s all, make sure You Check your Email after Creating an Account with MillionN for verification.

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How Do I Get Paid By MillionN

Your withdrawal would be automatically activated after adding your bitcoin address, it would be processed every month. You receive each month the amount indicated in “My Profit” up to the limit indicated in “Withdrawal Limit”

If Your profits are higher than Your Withdrawal Limit the excess balance will be rolled over into next month. Payments are issued from the 1st to the 5th of the month, minimum withdraw amount $ 100.

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