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What Is Tapestri?

Born out of the idea that It’s Your Data, You Should Get Paid For It. Tapestri is a Mobile Application that Pays Consumers for Sharing Anonymous Data. Tapestri’s Founding Team has over a decade of experience monetizing data and truly believes the consumer should be the focal point in the data supply chain. We are creating a new first party data ecosystem that provides value to data buyers and equitably compensates everyday consumers for one of their most valuable assets – their data.

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Its free to receive between $5 and $25 a Month by Simply Downloading an App.
I know you may think that’s not much; but it’s Free Money…
And, if you share this with others you get an extra $1 a month for everyone you refer.

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Still Not Much?

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Well, become a Paid Affiliate for $9.95 a month and…
Learn how that “not much” can be rapidly transformed into “lots”!
$1,600 a month could be easily achieved as an affiliate where as a user the same effort would produce just $125 a month!

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Watch the video below to learn more:

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