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Artificial Intelligence Analysis

Crypto trading is a great way to accumulate more Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The only challenge you might face with crypto trading is lack of liquidity. The solution is Forex (foreign exchange) trading.

Forex is the most liquid market with more than 800 million US dollars daily trading volume.

How To Choose The Right Trading Method?

  • Personal Trading – Requires a lot of expertise and knowledge
  • Copy Trading – Relies on finding an expert with long track record that you can copy
  • AI Analysis System – A new and innovative way to trade based on quantitative trading and leveraged AI trading.

Intelligent Prime Capital LTD.

IPCapital is an international company committed to providing global users with a comprehensive suite of digital asset services.

intelligent prime capital office

IPCapital specializes on quantitative trading, leveraged AI trading systems, cloud storage systems and enterprise management software.

Regulatory Approvals

IPCapital has users from 10 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Nigeria, Cameron and Ghana. That’s why regulatory approvals in different jurisdictions is key to success.

IPCapital is incorporated in Canada under INTELLIGENCE PRIME CAPITAL LTD.

IPC Canadian Registration Certficate

It’s mandate is to facilitate the detection, prevention and deterrence of money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities, while ensuring the protection of personal information under its control. This includes business registration with FINTRAC, reports to FINTRAC, record-keeping, KYC and the development of compliance plans.

FINTRAC registry search details:

IPC FINTRAC Money Services

Corporate address: 1 YONGE STREET, SUITE 1304 TORONTO ON M5E 1W7

MSB registration number: M21080237

All details of the registration can be verified here.

IPC Money Services Business

The US MSB (Money Services Business) license is a financial license supervised and issued by FinCEN (the Financial Crime Enforcement Bureau, an agency under the U.S. Department of the Treasury).

MSB Registration Number: 31000192092217
Registration Type: Initial Registration
Legal Name: Intelligence prime capital ltd.
MSB Activities: Dealer in foreign exchange, Money transmitter

Search link:

IPC MSB Registration Information

IPCapital Management Team


IPC Walter Stefan

Mr. Walter Stefan studied at the London School of Economics and Political and has a master’s degree in Finance and Accounting. After his master’s degree, he continued his Ph.D. studies in Computing and Mathematics at the University of Oxford.

An expert in the financial industry, he has strong expertise in the areas of contract trading and risk management, with more than 25 years of experience in international financing, system development, public-private partnerships and policy dialogue.

He used to serve as the Vice President of the European Central Bank (ECB) and was in charge of policy and partnerships. Before that, he was at the World Bank Group and is very familiar with the Fintech industry. A stellar individual with many achievements under him, he has also delivered research focusing on Fintech on topics such as payments, lending and crowdfunding, blockchain, artificial intelligence, Insurtech, and digital wealth management.


Dr. Val NG

Dr. Ng has years of experience in the financial industry from leading traditional businesses to financial technology companies. He has great knowledge on a wide variety of financial investment products from precious metals, CFDs, forex and cryptocurrencies, to business processes including funds and legal operations.

• BCA Builder Class 2 Builder License
• BCA Demolition Permit License
• Human Resources License
• IBMEC Academy Marketing Diploma
• Chichester University Bachelors Degree
• Trinity Collage & University PhD in Economics

IPCapital Products

IPCapital offers a wide range of trading products, including commodities, Forex, cryptocurrencies and indices.

All Forex trades can be verified on the MetaTrader4 platform.

The AI analysis systems performs trades with an accuracy of 97%.

Excellent customer service that provides timely resolution of customer requests and feedbacks.

3 Types Of AIA Bot Systems

You can choose from 3 different trading strategies:

  • Smart Bot – Max. 300 USD and up to 15% monthly
  • Brilliant Bot – Max 1000 USD and up to 30% monthly
  • Genius Bot – No limit and up to 45% monthly

IPC Bots-957x454

Depending on the bot you will choose, you can achieve up to 45% monthly trading results.

  • 80% of all new deposit amounts will be allocated to the capital account. 20% will be allocated to the AIA BOT System security deposit account and wait for reclaims with interest generated daily.
  • All interest generated by AIA BOT System will be allocated for profit sharing with the allocation of 80% to the investors in the reward account and 20% to the company.
  • AIA BOT System security deposit can be reclaimed with interest generated and will be allocated to the capital account which can be withdrawn anytime.
  • All reinvestment amounts will follow the same allocation of 80% for the capital account and 20% for the AIA BOT System security deposit account.

Referral Program

IPCapital features a very smart referral program that allows you to earn 3 types of bonuses:


This bonus allows you to earn 10% based on all AIA Bot System purchases in your first level of referrals.

Example: If user A refers user B to IPCapital and user B purchases a Genius BOT for $99.90, user A will receive 10% of the purchase price, which is $9.90.


This bonus allows you to earn 10% based on deposits in your first level of referrals.

Example: If user A refers user B and user B deposits $1000 USD for a Genius BOT subscription, user A will be rewarded with 10% of the deposit amount, $100 USD.


This bonus allows to earn 20 levels deep based on ROI your partners will generate.

To qualify for deeper levels, you need to achieve ranks in the career system.

IPC Compensation Plan

Example: If you have 1000$ of personal sales and 3000$ of total/group sales, you become Senior Manager which unlocks 3 levels for you. That will make you earn 30% of your first line partner’s income, 20% of your second line partner’s income and 10% of your third line partner’s income.

How To Get Started

To join IPCapital you will need a referral link.
If you don’t have one, click the button below:

Register Here

Fill out your personal credentials.

IPC Signup Form

Click “Send Code”. You will receive an email from IPCapital with a One-Time PIN.

Enter the PIN and click “Sign Up”.

The system will prompt you to login with your details and will ask you to perform the KYC process.

After you have completed your KYC process, you can start funding your wallet.

Go to Transaction –> Funding

IPC Funding Account

You can choose to pay with USDT-TRC20 or BTC.

Send any amount to the address shown.

If you want to launch the Genius BOT and add 100$ to that, please send 199.90$.

To buy your BOT please navigate to Subscription.

IPC Bot Subscription

To add funds to your BOT, please navigate to Transaction –> Internal Transfer

IPC Internal Transfer

Enter the amount you want to be traded and click “Submit”.

Congratulations! You can now see all your trades in your MT4 app.

How To Set Up MT4 And View Your Live Trading Account

1. Go to your Mobile Apps.

2. Search for MetaTrader 4.

3. Download then Open.

4. Click Accept to the Terms and Conditions.

5. Click Cancel to Open a Demo Account. You don’t need a demo account.

6. Click “Login to an existing account”.

7. Search “IntelligencePrime-Live” and Select it.

8. Go to your email and look for the email: MT4 Application Approved.

9. Login to MT4 with your MT4 ID. Use the “Master Password” emailed to you. (The “Investor” password is to be given out if you want people to view your MT4 account but not make any changes).

10. Then go to History to see your Live Account.

Still got questions? Check the Bottom of this Page.

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