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Free Passive Income through Helium Hotspot Mining and IOT Technology.

Passive income Blockchain opportunities are currently gaining mass recognition across the globe, with cryptocurrency and decentralization incentivizing people for adopting new technologies to strengthen our future. Financial freedom is not the myth that people once thought.
Involving people from all income brackets, backgrounds, and countries, no one is being left behind. But only those with a keen interest and optimistic mindset will prevail.
But what is Helium? What is a hotspot? What is IOT?

What is IoT (Internet of Things)?

The Internet of Things, otherwise known as IoT, refers to the billions of devices across the globe that are connected to the internet, which collectively shares data. Everyday examples are laptops, smartphones, and smartwatches — household appliances such as smart refrigerators, door locks, fire alarms, and security systems. And even things such as medical sensors, fitness trackers, traffic lights, parking meters, vending machines, and city bicycles.
These things use the internet to send information to people, companies, governing sectors, and service providers. Connecting all of these devices and adding sensors adds a level of artificial and digital intelligence that enables them to communicate real-time data without the need of human beings. IoT allows the world around us to be more innovative, responsive, and convenient, merging the physical and digital universes into one.
With IoT, companies can quickly be notified of when to restock their vending machines. People can easily find their pets with GPS trackers if they go missing. Healthcare providers can track the health of all their patients no matter where they are. The possibilities are endless.

What is Helium?

The Helium Network, launched in July 2019, is the world’s first peer-to-peer, Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) wireless IoT network. They are using The LoRaWAN® protocol within their Helium Hotspot Devices, allowing a cost-effective way for IoT products to connect to the internet. Also known as LongFi, reaching ranges of 200 times of what WiFi does.
Known as The People’s Network, Helium aims to be the world’s most extensive blockchain-powered decentralized wireless network, being completely separate and independent from existing telecommunication network companies.
When deploying the Helium Hotspot in your homes or businesses, the network will mine/incentivize people with the Helium (HNT) cryptocurrency. This is a form of passive income that rewards people for being a part of the network.
Helium’s mission to blanket the whole planet with these devices, this will pave the way to a self-sustained network of hotspots that collectively work together to help the billions of IoT products worldwide to function effectively.

What is iHub Global?

iHub Global is one of many suppliers/manufacturers of the Helium Hotspots Device. Although the device would usually cost around $550/£400 depending on the supplier, iHub Global has an exciting approach compared to other hotspot providers…
They’re giving it away for free!
Due to the high demand and low availability of these devices worldwide, many customers have been waiting several months after purchasing from rival companies such as Bobcat and Nebra. They are leaving many frustrated and out of pocket. To combat this problem, iHub has developed an alternative business model to its competitors.

Upon signing up to iHub, customers will be able to order themselves a Free Helium Hotspot Device. They are accompanied by a very multifaceted affiliate earning potential. iHub can provide these units for free as they will be taking a cut from your deployed unit, which may not appeal to many people, but it’s a fantastic opportunity for those who may not be able to afford a device. Primarily those in lesser developed countries or disadvantaged backgrounds.
If you decide this is for you, you’ll be able to earn up to 25% of the mined Helium token from your device, and also be able to earn up to 25% from each referral. iHub encourages the affiliate approach as this is an excellent way to get those who are new to cryptocurrency to get involved without having to pay hundreds for their device.

The Earning Potential

ihub helium commission
The baseline earning starts at 15% from your device. This is increased to 25% after you successfully invite five people via the virtual mining assessment (explained when you sign up).
After you make your first five signups, things get interesting from there on wards as earning potential is uncapped and unlimited. You can strive to try and invite hundreds of people, giving you a tremendous rate of return.
The multilevel affiliate program earns you different percentages from different referral groups, separated into teams. You can even see how much devices in your area are making, this can range from $100 to several thousand a month.


Pro Team

Your first five people invited are referred to as your Pro Team, and you will earn 10% of their mined tokens.
Bronze Team: Your following ten people invited are referred to as your Bronze Team, and you will earn 15% of their mined tokens.
Silver Team: Your following ten people invited are referred to as your Silver Team, and you will earn 20% of their mined tokens.
Gold Team: Finally, anyone after this point is referred to as your Gold Team, and you will earn 25% of their mined tokens! Uncapped!
75% of the Helium token your device earns will be split between iHub and your referee. It’s also worth noting that you will also earn a percentage from the people your referrals refer into iHub, thus continuing the earning potential.

Referring is not crucial, but it’s essential to grow your income, and at the time of writing, HNT sits at $23 and is projected to be much more as more devices are deployed across the globe. America alone will need at least 4 million of these devices, and currently, only around 130,000 are currently deployed globally.
There is currently a minimum wait of 12 weeks to receive your unit, and in that time, I suggest you refer and grow your team in time for the shipments to arrive. The website states that you may have to pay a shipping fee; however, this has not been disclosed yet.
If you’re interested in reserving your Free Helium Hotspot please click the button below:

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