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Intelligence Prime Capital

The Future Of Automatic Forex Trading


Make Your Trading Automatic, Our Intelligence Prime Capital Robots Allow For 95% Accuracy On Trades.

Earn Between 15% And 45% Per Month With Our Easy To Implement Solution.

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Simply Click Here To Create Your Account Today!! Watch The Tutorial Videos Below For Extra Guidance!

How To Purchase A Bot Subscription

Transaction, Funding and Financial Set Up for Your Account

How To Check Your Bonuses

Account Menu Tutorial and Referrals Info

How to Reset Your Account Password

100% Passive Income

Compound Or Withdraw Profits Weekly

Earn Consistently

*Set It & Forget It With No Recruiting Required

*Grow Your Money Fast With This Passive System

*97% Win Rate Trading In The FOREX Market

Very Easy To Navigate Interface

Connect Your Account To Metatrader 4 To See Your Trading Results

The Bot Is Already Linked To Myfxbook To Track The Bot’s Progress

Verifiable Trading Proof And Track Record

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How To Register With IPC AIA Forex Trading Bot

Use this registration link to open your AI FOREX ACCOUNT WITH IPC:

Type in your working email address, Last Name, First Name Date of Birth
Select your Sex {Gender}
Type in your phone number
Select your Country
Type your password
Confirm your password
Select “I have Read and Agree to Terms & Privacy policy”
Click on Send Code
Go to your email address and copy the 6 digit PIN number sent to you
Paste it on the Registration page column
Click on Sign Up
Login with your email address and password
Select your Gender again
Type your address as it appears on your ID Card
Click on choose file on Proof of identity {front}
Click on Camera
Take a picture of your front side of your ID card
Click on ✅
Click on choose file on Proof of Identity {back)
Click on Camera
Take a picture of the back of your ID card
Click on ✅
👉Click on the menu bar (the 3 horizontal lines on the top right corner)
👉Click on Transaction
👉Click on Funding
👉Select either USDT_Trc20 or BTC
👉Click on Copy Address
👉Go to where you have money and make your payments (This comprises of the cost of the AI Forex Trading Bot plus the amount you capital you want to start with)
👉After like 5 to 60 mins after sending your transfer, refresh your dashboard or re-login again and the amount you paid will reflect on your dashboard
👉Click on the menu bar (3 horizontal lines on top right corner)
👉Click on Subscription
👉Scroll down to Genius BOT (GB)
👉Click on Subscribe
👉Type the amount you have reflecting on your dashboard minus the bot subscription
👉Click on Confirm
👉Then you will see a flashing message saying “You’ve Successfully Subscribed”
👉Finally, Click on Dashboard
👉 Scroll down & Copy your own Registration link in case you want to share this opportunity with others.
But note that the IPC Forex Trading Bot makes money for us even without recruiting anyone but from experience, there is always more money in sharing Opportunities with others because naturally it’s always good to try to help as many people as possible.

How To Find Trading Results & Link Your IPC Account To MT4


Option 1: Go to Menu >Reports >MT4 Closed Trades Report >Open Select MT4 Account drop down box >Click on your account >Click search
Option 2: Download MT4 https://www.metatrader4.com/ Click FILE >Log into Trade Account. In Server box type IntelligencePrime-live. Enter Login 7 digit number and password that was sent to you by IPC in an email titled Intelligence Prime Capital-MT4 Application Approved. Master password allows complete control of account. Investor password allows a person to see the account but not change anything. Click on Account tab to see trades
Download Metatrader 4 app from your app store >Click 3 horizontal lines in upper left corner >Click Manage Accounts >Click the + sign in upper right >Click log into an existing account. In the Find Broker box, type “IntelligencePrime-live”. Enter Login 7 digit number and password that was sent to you by IPC in an email titled Intelligence Prime Capital-MT4 Application Approved.

For Your USDT Profits You Will Need A Tether USD (TRC20) Wallet Address. I highly recommend KRAKEN

Funding And Withdrawal Questions?

What Is The Minimum To Get Started?

The minimum amount to get started is $100 plus the purchase of the bot which must be done at the same time. Example: you wish to purchase the Genius Bot (cost $99.90) you would need 199.90 to get started, You can add additional funds at any time but must use the internal transfer feature to move the funds from your wallet or MT4 (this is only needed when you add additional funds to your account).

Can I Withdraw My Capital At Any Time?

You can withdraw your capital on weekends when the market is closed (20% penalty if you withdraw your capital in the first 90 days). You can withdraw your trading commissions every Saturday without a penalty.

How Long Does It Take To Receive Your Funds?

IPC Company policy is 24 hours but we have seen it recently take less than 4 hours as they have improved server time for payouts.

What Type Of Crypto Do They Use To Payout?

IPC pays all member rewards in the form of USDT(TRC20) ONLY. First you must create a wallet in your back office and enter in the info. Please refer to the videos above on how to create a wallet in your back office.

What Is The Minimum Amount You Can Withdraw?

The minimum amount you can request to withdraw is $10.00

I Have Money In My Wallet From Referral Commission. When Can I Withdraw Those Funds?

You may withdraw funds in your wallet to your personal USDT TRC 20 wallet at any time… it can take up to 24 hours to receive your funds.

What Kind Of Crypto Can I Use To Fund My Account?

You can fund your account with two types of crypto, BTC and USDT(TRC20). Please make sure you copy the correct address for the crypto type you have selected. If you send the wrong crypto you could lose your funds.

Can I Fund My Account While Waiting For KYC?

Yes you may move forward with funding and even run your bot to take trades while you wait for your KYC documents to be approved. Please watch your email for notification.

Bot and Trading Questions

How Often Does The Bot Trade?

The IPC Bot has the potential to take trades at any time during the market times but generally takes trades between 10:00pm EST and 3:00am EST Sunday (late evening opening of markets) thru Friday morning.

Do I Need To Download The MT4 Trading Platform?

You only need to download the MtT4 platform if you wish to verify trades, look at the charts, times etc of when the trades were executed. It is not required to use this platform to have trades taken on your behalf by the bot and earn rewards.

Can I See Any Verified Trading History With Myfxbook?

Yes you can view a complete trading history of trades, winning percentage, types of trades taken etc. Go to your IPC back office in the bot subscription page you will see a link for the bot you purchased linking you to the MyfxBook account.

How Can I See The Trades Taken?

There are two ways… from inside the IPC back office or you can download the MT4 platform (not MT5) to your phone and/or PC and view the trades executed on your behalf.

Can I See The Trades Taken Inside The IPC Backoffice?

Yes you can see the trades in the IPC backoffice . Please refer to the video above for further help. Look under Reports.

Can I Use The Bot With Another Broker?

No, you can only use the IPC bot with the approved trader inside their System as the bot uses very low spreads, and other factors to know when to execute a profitable trade.

Company General Questions

Where Is The Company Registered?

IPC is registered in Canada. Click here to view Canadian FinTrac documents. IPC is also registered in the USA. To view FinCEN documents with MSB Registration Number 31000192092217, click here to start the search using the registration number provided. IPC is now regulated in Australia. Click here to view the ASIC registration.

How Long Has The Company Been Using The Bot?

IPC has been using the current bot that was upgraded in October of 2021. They started using the advanced bot for trading in August of 2021.

Is My Money Safe?

The information on this website is for educational purposes only and is not investment or financial advice. The passive income industry is risky, and you should only invest the amount you can afford to lose. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Is This Available In Any Country?

Yes IPC allows members in any country that allows Forex trading.