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This is an extraordinary project with great potential to benefit this planet through a charity goal and supported by a multi-million dollar team.

It offers great opportunities to serve and is an extraordinary thing that we cannot service to others without having greater service for ourselves.

By taking part in this level at any level, you help fund a lot of extraordinary charities, and, also helps provide support that is needed for the 3rd world countries.

Avazoo Billion Dollar Raffle-1077x635

What’s for me?

Satisfaction and opportunity 1 of 3 to win cash prizes ranging from $ 10 to $ 1,000,000,000,000

Opportunity to win $ 1 billion around 50 million to 1 and this is better than opportunities in most national lotteries if you see the money prize involved

According to the national lottery website, the opportunity to win the jackpot is:

  • Lotto Jackpot: 1 of 45,057,474.
  • Jackpot Euromillions: 1 of 139,838,160

You can even get a free ticket for a $ billion lottery by simply registering, referring to 20 other people who only like the opportunity to win one billion and also download the application to your phone and share posts (done by clicking the button., To your favorite social media channels),
This makes you become an ambassador and if you continue to share love and present your avazoo and connection by spreading the news, you can advance to the VIP Ambassador and the VIP Executive Ambassador, each of which gets additional benefits.

It gets better because every time you share your link, you get additional free entries on your ticket.

Why do you want additional free entries?

In addition to receiving this sharing joy with the others every free entry increases the possibility of winning a larger prize. Here’s how it works …

Lottery will last for 6 days and day 1 you go in the picture for $ 10 and if you win it’s your single entry ticket used and you win $ 10, congratulations!

However, if you have several entries, you also go to the following days of the lottery every day offering a bigger prize and you will always receive the biggest gift you won up to $ 1 billion.

You also have the option to update paid tickets at $ 50 or $ 100 levels that give you more free entries and additional images for bonus gifts that do not affect your feasibility. Sweet!

Maybe you can win a luxury car or dream cruise and still continue to win millions of dollars.

There is also a syndicated level for $ 1,500 where up to 25 friends can gather and only $ 60 each gets great benefits and many free entries, and company entries for $ 2,500 that allow up to 250 participants. These entries are also equipped with additional D-Day lotteries for $ 5 billion. Wow!

Avazoo Round Robin-1073x1229

Want more reasons to get involved now?

If someone you refer to win the main prize, you also win as much as $ 1,000,000. There is no limit to the number of winners that you can have in your reference, so you maximize your chances of referring 20, then 20 more and then 20 again and keep going.

Paid tickets will not be available until August and the lottery will take place in December to give you the happiest Christmas; But the ticket backup now because 50,000,000 might sound like a lot of tickets but they are already fast and can easily sell long before the pictures.

Get a good feeling factor now by clicking the button below.

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