FREE Cash For Doing What You Do Now!

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FREE Cash For Doing What You Do Now! Earn Your Share of $500 Billion Commission!
We’ve monetized existing Internet activities that 5 billion people do every day.
It’s free to use and pays each person $400 to use it and you get paid $100 to introduce each.
This is powerful. Change the world. Earn big money. Join and build your network.
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Everyone Can Do This!
Join Early, Earn More… Launched summer 2021.

2 unique, revolutionary services with multiple revenue streams. Opportunity of a lifetime.
You only get one of these, don’t miss it!

Service 1 – We are revolutionizing the Internet removing the power and trillions of $ from big players that run the Web and give it back to every person that uses it.

Our first pioneering Web service is free. It provides every Internet user the opportunity to earn $400 to use the Internet without doing anything differently. It’s the opportunity for 5 billion people to earn a passive income without investing $1 and is yours to earn $100 commission recurring yearly for each user you introduce.

Service 2 – Is a revolutionary service that offers powerful opportunities to 1 billion web sites to generate 100x more profit and share it with you as commission… WOW!

This is your opportunity to succeed. Give others the power to earn extra cash from their existing activities that generate you a long term ongoing income. It is unique. It is powerful. It is your opportunity!


Every internet user whatever device they use can earn and generate you wealth while earning too. You will be your first commission!
Pre launch gives you the chance to build a powerful network that’s ready to deploy and earn commission the minute we launch. Get in early as a pre launch affiliate today. It’s FREE.

Build a bigger income by referring other marketers into the level below you. If you don’t, someone else will. Don’t miss out.
Your referrals can do the same. You get paid overrides from 16 levels deep x unlimited width.
Get in early before all the people you know are referred by others. Make this your opportunity.
This is going viral. You’ll be unable to avoid the regret if you miss joining at the top.
Opportunities are never lost; someone else will take the ones you miss.

FREE Cash For Doing What You Do Now!


Our services are a secret until launch to prevent copycats.
Join the pre launch for free and get a back office to manage your network.
Use your referral ID to directly refer others into the level below you (level 1) to build a 16 level network.
Your level 1 refers other people into the level below them (your level 2) to level 16.
Build your 16 level network in pre launch mode to explode your income.
You get paid overrides from every person in your 16 level network. More
Your network will be given a 5 day countdown to launch date.
On the first day of countdown, educational materials will be loaded to your network’s back office.
One day before launch your network will be migrated to the launch web site and access granted.
On launch day, your network can introduce users to our service, earn commission and generate overrides.

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Everyone is their own level 0 (top of own network)
Everyone can build a network of 16 levels below them (their network).
Everyone gets paid commission for their own activity.
Everyone gets paid overrides from all 16 levels of their network.

Each level can seat an unlimited number of people (unlimited width).
Every member of the network has equal earning opportunities.

SERVICE 1 COMMISSION – $100 recurring yearly (5 billion potential commissions).
SERVICE 1 OVERRIDE – $5 recurring (16 levels).
SERVICE 2 COMMISSION – $10 once off plus recurring profit share of $200 – $1000 (1 billion potential commissions).
SERVICE 2 OVERRIDE – $1 once off plus recurring profit share override of $10 – $50 (16 levels).

Free Cash For Doing What You Do Now!
Refer 2 People Into level 1 and all 16 levels also refer 2 people each, you’re network would be over 130,000 affiliates. WOW
If each of the 130,000 downline affiliates got 4 users for service 1 today, that would be 130,000 x 4 x $1 = $520,000
Do the override math $

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Join before other people you know sign up and refer you.
There is no stock or educational/promotional materials to be bought.
All you need is an Internet connection and the desire to make money.
Existing features of the Internet monetized and revolutionized for the new economy.
If you’ve used the internet, that’s all the experience you’ll need to win big.
Anyone can do this from any country without restriction or limits.
A lot to gain, nothing to lose.
Start your network today, expect to retire soon.

Join Now It’s FREE

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